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Jamie’s Tree – Growing Up Fast

jamie's tree

Every time I look at Jamie’s tree, I think of him and the fun we had planting and nurturing this new life in our back yard.

We are blessed with two wonderful grandsons. Jamie, 7 and Sam, 5. Back in spring 2015, Jamie and I planted a tree in the back yard. I am sure Sam would have loved to help, but he was busy learning to crawl at the time.

So, I bought the tree from our local greenhouse and dug the hole. Jamie helped me set the sapling straight, push the soil back in around the root ball, and straighten things out. Then came the part he enjoyed the most: watering the tree, and me too, for that matter.

As you can see from the pictures, Jamie’s tree has more than doubled in size over the four years. It’s going to be a small tree maybe 15-20 feet in height, and I am hoping for a similar width for the crown.

In the meantime, Jamie is growing up pretty fast, as well. I dug through my wife’s iCloud to find some pictures of him that matched up over the four years since the tree was planted. A growing life is a wonderful thing.

Our visits with Jamie and Sam are always fun.

Jamie’s Tree Provides Some Privacy

My main reason for planting Jamie’s tree was to get some privacy between my back deck and the neighbor’s. My previous neighbor rarely used her deck, so privacy was not really an issue. When she moved four years ago, I figured that would change, and it did..

Planting the tree, I misjudged the location of my underground sprinkler hoses. I had to relocate the hole slightly to the left once I dug into a hose. A few years later, the nick led to a leak which I needed to repair.

Anyway, we will keep on watching this tree and the kids grow. One day the tree may look like this.

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