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One of the joys of retirement is having the time to explore and develop old and new areas of interest. For some that means golf. For me, it combines a fifty year interest in radio and a more recent discovery of maker culture, particularly digital fabrication.

The goal of this web site is to encourage readers and contributors to explore aspects of radio and making and share their discoveries. A more playful mission statement might be retired guys (and gals) playing with toys and enjoying their hobbies.

Our editorial stance is one of support for the advanced beginner. This means exploration and encouragement to do more, to move from beginner to intermediate levels of knowledge and capability in selected areas of interest. This means to help bridge the gap between awareness and some level of expertise. This means various degrees of self-education, learning by doing, and having nurturing conversations with folks who are a bit further along in the journey. There are many web sites and books providing advanced information if we can build up enough confidence to reach into them. And that “building up” position is where Making It Up fits in.

Making it up as we go along – that’s the human condition. We cannot know everything but we can get good at a few things with the help of others.