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Ham Radio TVI in the 21st Century

ham radio TVI Examples

Ham radio transmissions can interfere with television reception. This is called television interference, or ham radio TVI. Consumer adoption of cable television has significantly reduced ham radio TVI. But the introduction of IPTV, or television over phone systems, has brought ham radio TVI back, often with a vengeance. Here’s why.

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Does a Noise Canceller Really Work?

Yes, a noise canceller can work well. But success with a noise canceller really, really depends on how well you position the noise antenna, sometimes called a noise probe. Here’s what you need to know to set up your noise canceller and its noise probe. This is stuff I learned by experimenting and goes beyond what you find in the manual.

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Adventures with Radio Frequency Interference

People who enjoy listening to the High Frequency radio spectrum (3-30 Mhz) face an ever increasing problem of Radio Frequency Interference. Think of RFI as noise pollution to the radio spectrum. This video describes some RFI problems and details a series of diagnostic steps that can help identify noise sources.

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