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Arduino Ham Radio Starter Kit – Open New Gateways

arduino ham radio starter kit
Jerry VE6TL at the University of Calgary Amateur Radio Club

Welcome to my Arduino Ham Radio Starter Kit, a “virtual box” of ideas and motivations with one objective: More hams and their clubs engaging the local maker community as a gateway to amateur radio. (Spoiler Alert: We are not selling anything. Starter Kit is information only!) Read more

3D Printer: Buy or Build, or just keep thinking about it

Building a 3D Printer needs community support

Getting a 3D printer requires an investment of time and money. It also helps to understand your objectives. Once you get bitten by the 3D printer bug, it becomes more a matter of how than what. You know you are going to end up with your own 3D printer. It becomes an obsession. Here’s how I handled my obsession. How did you handle yours?

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