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Personal Motivation for Ham Radio Proficiency

personal motivation

Hobbies are “serious fun”. So, my personal motivation is to have fun while doing some ham radio things seriously!

Our personal motivation is different for everyone. For me, I wanted to spend retirement doing interesting things that I never had time for while working. Ham radio, software development and making provided me with a wonderful channel for having fun.

For me, learning can be a means to an end, or an end in itself. Either way is okay. Our hobbies provide a rich opportunity for learning. And it’s not just electronics projects. You can simply build a ham radio station and learn how to use it in many different ways.

Designing and making stuff brings it all together. And I use pretty much everything I make in one way or another. Most of my personal motivation for this web site is documenting my learning, making and using. Which leads nicely to socializing.

I love getting feedback and fresh ideas from people all over the world. Especially for the videos I have posted on You Tube.

So, consider your personal motivation and how you might take things to the next level in your hobby journey.

Personal Motivation Evolves

You may do a project just to learn something, even if you never actually build or use an end product. You can learn how a circuit works using a simulator. You can learn a new skill for a more complex project by building a simpler one.

If your main goal is using a new station accessory, build a kit or a cookbook circuit, and learn a few things along the way.
Similarly, socialization goals can be achieved by presenting a project to your club, or getting involved in a group project.

I invite you to take a deep dive into understanding self-motivation. You might start by watching this video or reading this article.

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