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iPad 2 ARRL Magazine Reader – New Life for Old Tablet

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It turns out that the ARRL magazines app does not work with older versions of Apple iOS. Good news, though, is you can revive an iPad 2 ARRL Magazine Reader by just using the browser.

Recently, I wrote about the great new value proposition from ARRL. Starting this spring, an ARRL membership provides you with digital access to all four of its magazines. These are QST, QEX, On The Air, and National Contest Journal. I like to spend a few minutes scanning these magazines when I have my morning coffee.

So, I downloaded the ARRL magazines iPad app and was all set to go. But, then it died. Turns out the latest version of the iPad app requires iOS 11 or greater. The bad news is that my ancient iPad 2 only works with iOS 9 or earlier. Sigh.

Would you believe that even though I use it every day, my iPad 2 was discontinued in 2014 after a three year run? Actually, this was Hilda’s original iPad which I inherited when she moved up. Although old, it still works great and is my main tablet for reading books and PDF documents. I use GoodReader and Dropbox seamlessly on the device. If I go to a meeting, my documents are there in Dropbox. If we go an a cruise, I can load up all sorts of books to read along the way.

Not to mention e-mail and Facetime. So, I was quite miffed at ARRL for not building its magazines app in a more friendly fashion.

But, what to do? Should I buy a newer iPad? Or an Android Tablet? My Chuwi Hi8 dual boot tablet could do the job, but with only an 8″ screen, reading is not so much fun. And even used iPads are pretty expensive.

iPad 2 ARRL Magazine Reader Solution

Well, it turns out there is a simple, free solution. Use the Safari browser rather than an app. It’s not as convenient, but it turns out you can read the ARRL magazines pretty easily in a browser on the old iPad 2. Performance is nearly identical to the app.

You need to set up a bookmark for each of the ARRL magazine home pages, though.

One of the nice features of this approach is that when the iPad goes to sleep, it remembers where you were reading, and you are all set to go the next time you start the iPad up. I am happy again.

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