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Flex 6300 Operating Desk Up and Running

flex 6300 operating desk

With a traditional ham radio, you sit and stare at the radio. With the Flex 6300 operating desk, you sit and stare at two computer monitors. You can’t even see the actual radio. (It’s behind the left monitor.)

Typically, you display the radio on one monitor, and support programs on the second. Pictured above, you can see the SmartSDR display at the right, and my logging program at the left. Eventually, I will find “matching monitors”. I think the best size for my set up will be a 20″ monitor that displays 1600 by 900. The displays are at eye level, centered about 12″ above the desk, and set back about two feet from my face.

Getting the monitor positioning right is important. Especially if you wear glasses with “progressive” lenses. You want to be able to hit the focal sweet spot with your neck in a natural position.

Flex 6300 Operating Desk – Mounting the Monitors

I wrestled with how to best mount the monitors. There seemed to be four choices. First of all, I could just have put the monitors on the desk. This was not that bad for viewing, but there was no way to push the keyboard and mouse back out of the way.

Alternately, I could buy a proper dual monitor mounting stand. These clamp onto the back of the desk and extend the monitors out towards you. But since my equipment is mounted on shelves, these would be in the way.

Third, and an alternative I still might consider, would be to use the VESA screw holes on the monitors to “wall mount” them onto the shelves. I figure I could DIY some  wall mounts on the 3D printer. That would be a lot of work.

As a result, I just built a simple shelf to hold the monitors. It is made from 2 by 6 lumber, four inches high, with the ends held in place with dowels. The mouse and keyboard push into the space. And the boards are plenty wide enough for the monitor stands. This approach is an easy “add on” that does not require any modifications to the rest of the Flex 6300 operating desk.

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