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Panasonic Cord Cutter Home Phone

panasonic cord cutter

We’re not quite there yet, but this Panasonic cord cutter paves the way to get rid of the old land line, and just rely on cell phones at home and away.

Have you eliminated your legacy landline yet? We haven’t, but have moved one step closer with the purchase of the Panasonic KX-TG175C system from Costco.

Most of us have a personal smart phone. I have a Samsung and my wife has an iPhone. Most of us are pretty fed up with our wired landline. More than 90% of the calls on these are SPAM. If we don’t recognize the number, we just ignore it. So why do people keep the old landline?

Most often, you hear people say that the old landline is more reliable, especially during power failures and other emergencies. But, this is not really true anymore, as most home phones are delivered by digital formats by cable and phone companies. If you pay close attention, you will notice frequent short service outages that are usually not noticed.

And, of course, most of us have distant relatives and friends who have had our old home phone number for many years, and still use it occasionally.

So, last month, we thought we would take a half-way step with a new Panasonic DECT cordless system that links to three lines: the old landline and two cell phones. Now we have a home phone system that works seamlessly across all our phones in the house.

Panasonic Cord Cutter Works Well

After replacing all of our old Panasonic cordless phones with the KX-TG175C system, set up took only a few minutes and went well. Each of our cell phones linked easily by Bluetooth. And the cell phones stay linked to the home cordless system unless they leave the house. Push another button and you can upload your smart phone address book into the home system in a few minutes.

We will probably keep our land line for a while longer. But based on performance so far, this Panasonic cord cutter Link2Cell technology is a winner that will make it easy to cut the cord and still have complete phone coverage at home.

Useful features of this new system include a voice readout of who is calling, and different ring tones for each source phone.

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  1. Guy Atkins says:

    Thanks for introducing us to the “Link2Cell” technology, John. I’ve never heard of it before this. We’re in the sam position as you regarding landlines. I only keep the number to screen the spam calls and for some “legacy” contacts like doctor’s offices, old friends or family members who have had the number forever, etc.

    Since I work for T-Mobile I was an earlier adopter of their VOIP phone for home use, and later moved on to a 2nd generation model. Now we use an Ooma VOIP phone connected to a T-Mobile “Personal CellSpot” (wi-fi cellspot router).

    I’ll have to give some thought to the Panasonic cord-cutter phone system!

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