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Electronics Lab Cable Hanger Sorts Things Out

lab cable hanger

If you have a bunch to test cables lying around, you can easily organize them with a proper lab cable hanger. If you have a 3D printer, just make one. 

Recently, I was sorting out my electronics lab. I found a large collection of test equipment cables lying all over the place. Typically, these cables have a BNC connector at the equipment end, and various clips to attach to devices under test. Cable length varies up to one meter, with 6 mm thickness.

So, I thought I might design and 3D print a lab cable hanger. But first, off to look at Thingiverse to see if someone had already published a working model.

And, sure enough, there were lots. I chose a Cable Hanger by Granite, shown above. You can see it is about 4″ long and contains 10 plastic holders. It took me about 45 minutes to print this hanger at a cost of 40¢ worth of plastic PLA filament.

Before I screwed the lab cable hanger to the wall, I tested the weight of cables. Turns out that six or seven of these short cables are actually pretty heavy. Don’t just screw into wallboard. Find a way to attach this hanger to a stud or brace, or at least use proper anchors.

There are also models on Thingiverse for hanging USB or coaxial cables, too.

Lab Cable Hanger, and Much More

As you look around your electronics workbench or lab, you will find lots of opportunities to 3D print ways to help you organize things. If you have a rats nest of wires behind your test equipment shelf, Thingiverse offers lots of models to clip or hold cables together or out of the way.

Nice thing about 3D printing is that it is really cheap, and you can try out different models to find those that work best for you.

Just keep your 3D printed solutions away from your soldering iron or hot air pencil.

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