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Fiber To The Home Installed – Finally

fiber to the home

I now have fiber to the home at my house. It’s wonderful, so far. You should check this out at your end.

Well, it took some time but I think it was worth the wait. Last June, I wrote about the work crews installing fiber in my neighborhood. My local telco Telus made a big investment in Calgary.

Unfortunately, it took five months to get the “drop” to my house. But, on December 1st, my new fiber hub was up and running in the basement, as shown above

Now, I have Gigabit internet at home, symmetrical no less. Plus, the new WIFI 6 in the home is faster and more reliable. My fiber to the home is living up to expectations. On the television front, my Shaw cable problems with latency and frozen pictures are a thing of the past.

My installation leveraged my old 75 ohm cable where needed using MoCA. Here is the setup. Fiber arrives in the basement. MoCA provides a fast connection to the PVR box, and a WIFI gateway on the main floor. My home Ethernet network plugs into the basement hub. Everything works at light speed, so to say.

I am still getting used to the idea my home is tethered to the world with light rather than copper.

Fiber to the Home – RFI Questions

So far, my new setup seems to be RFI free, both in terms of ingress and egress. Gone are the DSL artifacts I experienced on HF when I had Telus some years ago. Cable was fine for RFI as DOCSIS runs in UHF.

Will I have RFI problems with MoCA? Probably not, as MoCA runs on UHF as well. Time will tell. Now, if I could only encourage my neighbor to replace his slow VHDSL with fiber.

My service agreement with Telus is for two years. I can only hope long term performance is as good as the first month.


  1. Dave Minchella says:

    We’ve had fiber for 4 months, and it’s also solved problems we had with dsl & cable. In the evening, cable would slow down drastically. It’s taken 2 years to get fiber, but we’ll worth it.

  2. I have FiOS (Verizon Fiber) in NYC (10024) & it’s great. And like John, it’s fiber right to the router. Some services drop fiber somewhere & then use 75Ω to connect to the house infrastructure. Not as good.

  3. Walter says:

    John, way up here on Haida Gwaii, I have fiber to the cabin. The interesting thing is that the bottleneck. That is, for now, the internet is brought to the Islands via microwave link from the mainland. Therefore, I get usually 20 mbps up and down, which is enough for all my remote uses (mostly KiwiSDRs and Perseus receivers, but also security cameras, etc). There is now an underwater cable connected to the Islands, but it’s owned by another company (not Telus/Mascon), but apparently once the City West customers are hooked up, then we’ll be able to use that cable, and presumably much faster speeds, too! Happy New Year to you!

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