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SmartSDR Slice Master Automation for your Radio

smartsdr slice master

Open source SmartSDR Slice Master 6000 provides a ton of new features and supports for your Flex transceiver. Check it out!

Written by Donald K1DBO, Slice Master 6000 is a companion program to manage your SmartSDR station with Flex Radio. You will discover that its primary focus is on dynamically configuring and launching third party programs to work with the slice receivers in your radio.

For example, I can configure SmartSDR Slice Master to automatically display Spots (current reports of active stations) onto my radio screen, as shown above. I use Log4OM, my logging program, to capture these Spots and route them to the screen through Slice Master, as shown above.

But even neater, you can use Slice Master automation, shown above right, to launch a variety of software and connect them to your system. I am using it to launch and configure WSJT-X for digital modes such as FT8. More on this later.

If you use some of the more popular programs for digital modes and CW, as well as logging software, SM arranges a whole bunch of connectivity to make your programs work together. For example, SM is providing all the CAT Frequency and Mode information for the other software. Here is a video tutorial on this stuff.

SmartSDR Slice Master Connectivity

Back in the “old days”, we needed to configure serial (COM) ports to connect with our radios. When more than one program wanted to connect the radio, conflicts arose.

Modern software like Slice Master uses network servers on your computer to send UDP data across selected Ports. This data can be shared and relayed between programs behind the scenes. Slice Master aggregates and brokers a lot of this data. What’s more, it will launch and configure software like WSJT-X and CW Skimmer to run in concert with your Flex radio

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