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Happy Birthday One Year Old

one year old

Making It Up is one year old tomorrow.

On August 1, 2015 I wrote my first WordPress article and launched this web site. My objective was to write about radio interests and maker hobbies. Thus far, I have averaged around three articles a week.

As described in About (above): Making It Up “combines a fifty year interest in radio and a more recent discovery of maker culture, particularly digital fabrication. The goal of this web site is to encourage readers and contributors to explore aspects of radio and making and share their discoveries. A more playful mission statement might be retired guys (and gals) playing with toys and enjoying their hobbies. Our editorial stance is one of support for the advanced beginner. This means exploration and encouragement to do more, to move from beginner to intermediate levels of knowledge and capability in selected areas of interest. This means to help bridge the gap between awareness and some level of expertise.”

Early on, my focus was one my radio career and ham radio experiences. Then, 3D printing moved to the front. More recently, it’s been about adding a CNC machine to my tool kit.

One Year Old by the Numbers

Our articles have been viewed nearly 13,000 times in the past year. Currently, the number of views ranges between 50-100 per day. Around 80% of our readers arrive based on a Google search. Another 15% just come directly.

Making It Up has published 150 articles in the last year. The largest category was 3D printing, followed by radio, electronics and software projects. More recently, machining articles have been increasing as I built and now use my Mostly Printed CNC machine. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of Google searches about 3D printing and Arduino-type projects; DIY CNC searches are increasing slowly.

Most readers live in United States and United Kingdom, followed by Canada and Europe, and occasionally Asia, Africa and Oceana. Over 70 countries have been logged in the past month.

Comments and advice are always welcome.

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