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Remembering CJOB – Early Radio Broadcast Automation

Early Radio Broadcast Automation


Radio broadcast automation today is about computers. Back in 1970’s, it was about robots. After years of “experience” in student radio, I was thrilled to get my first real, paid job in professional radio. The thrill was somewhat tempered by reality. My job was actually to configure and baby-sit a robot on the weekend overnight shift.

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Remembering CJOB – The Main Studio

John at CJOB 2

We were all young once. Here I am in the main radio broadcast studio at CJOB during the early 1970’s. When you look at your picture album, do you ever notice that while you look so young, everything around you in the photo looks so old? Young broadcasters might have difficulty identifying these historical artifacts. Today’s broadcast studios are mostly software and monitors. Back in the day, we had hardware, and lots of it!

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