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SDRplay RSPduo Noise Canceller

rspduo noise canceller

Create an RSPduo noise canceller with a simple connection to noise probe antennas. Your results will match those of the ANC-4 or MFJ-1026.

In the past, I have written extensively about the excellent performance you can achieve using analog noise cancelers like the ANC-4 and MFJ-1026. In my RFI Survival Guide series, I explained how these work and how to use them. Basically, you phase a noise antenna against your main antenna to achieve noise removal, or at least reduction.

In case you missed it, here is a video demonstration of an ANC-4 in action on various noise sources.

Two years ago, in my series on Spatial Interference Filtering Techniques, I explain how you can achieve similar results using digital beamforming with two antennas and a dual channel, coherent receiver. These articles included a comparison of analog noise cancellation with the ANC-4 with digital noise cancellation using the Afedri AFE822x.

At my QTH, I have three external noise antennas. Each is a lousy antenna, but does a great job of receiving RFI from my neighbors. I can switch between these noise probes to obtain the best noise signal to phase against my main antennas using my ANC-4.

Recently, I disconnected the noise probes from the ANC-4 and hooked these up to the second channel on my RSPduo, with the main antenna on channel one. Voila. An RSPduo noise canceller that really does the job.

RSPduo Noise Canceller is a Low Cost Solution to Neighborhood RFI

Here’s the beauty. At US$280, the RSPduo is a wideband SDR receiver and a noise canceller, all in one. It costs little more than the ANC-4 at US$200 or MFJ-1026 at US$240.

If you are a ham this might not be a solution for you. That’s because the ANC-4 and MFJ-1026 also contain T/R or transmit receive switching. So, you can just place these units in line with your transceiver and main antenna.

But if your main interest is listening (receiving) that’s not a problem. I think you will find the RSPduo noise canceller works as well as the Timewave and MFJ gear. It just works digitally rather than analog.


  1. ON2RON says:

    I experienced that the RSPduo works better compared to the ANC-4 that I used for the past 10+ years. I also had an Afedri AFE822x (dual receiver) and compared it to the RSPduo for a few months to note that the RSPduo as also the better performer. Part of this is also due to the flexibility of the SDRuno software with some features that a stand-alone radio did not have and with the AFE822x software that lacks some useful features do make a perfect setup.

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