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Using Your Antenna Multicoupler with Several Receivers

antenna multicoupler

My 8 channel antenna multicoupler, receive only, is back in use and performs magnificently for receive use.

Recently, I acquired a used NCC-1 phaser to I could use my wideband loop array with some single channel receivers. This works great with my Flex 6300 and Perseus SDR. I used an RG6 splitter with F-connectors to send the phaser output to both receivers at the same time.

But coax splitters introduce loss and raise the noise floor. Typically, you loose 3.5 dB of signal for each split. Then, I remembered a wonderful antenna multicoupler that I had stored the furnace room. Shown above is the M-50-8 antenna multicoupler.

One signal in, with 8 outputs and no loss!

Back 20 years ago, RF Tech made this multicoupler which was sold through W. J. Ford Surplus Enterprises in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada. I bought one back then for CDN $300. W. J. Ford stopped doing business in 2006, but I hung on to this (largely underused) gem.

Now, it’s back in use and lets me listen to my wideband loop array, through the NCC-1 phased on both the Perseus and Flex 6300 at the same time.

RF Tech M-50-8 Antenna Multicoupler

My M-50-8 antenna multicoupler was Canadian made, and sold between 2000-2006. All eight outputs were internally terminated 50 Ω BNC connectors. Covering 10 kHz to 300 MHz, it offered 1 dB gain, a 2 dB noise figure, and 2/3 order intercepts of around 45 dBm. I can vouch for the headroom, as it handles my local high power BCB signals well.

It runs off normal A/C with a linear power supply and no EMI/RFI. Port-to-port isolation is around 25 dB. If you can find one of these, they offer a wonderful approach to using many receivers with just a single antenna, all the way through to UHF.

You can still buy an antenna multicoupler from Cross Country Wireless or Stridsberg for around US$200.

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