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Creating WordPress Content – How it’s Done

creating wordpress content

Some folks have asked how I go about creating WordPress content for Making It Up.

Obviously, you have to think of something to say. Each article or post is usually on a single topic, and contains 400-600 words. You can use a web browser to create and edit the posts. But I find it easier creating WordPress content off-line, using an application called Windows Live Writer.

As shown above, Live Writer is a stripped down word processor customized for posting to a blog. As you write, it saves a local copy of the content. When you are ready to publish, creating WordPress content just requires pushing a button. You configure your web site addresses and passwords, so that publishing is automatic. Live Writer also downloads the graphical appearance from your site (theme or template) so that what you see is what your get. In addition, there are simple controls for adding web links and inserting graphics. You can also associate your post with categories and tags.

Windows Live Writer was originally created by Microsoft as a blog publishing tool. It’s last major release was in 2012. Last year it was released as open source as Open Live Writer. You can download the Microsoft version as part of Windows Essentials, or the newer open source version here. Either works fine. I have Live Writer installed on my main computer as well the workshop PC, and configured to save drafts on the network.

Creating WordPress Content – a picture is worth a thousand words

Every one of my articles contains a picture. These pictures are usually created using my phone, camera or as a screen capture. I have my Dropbox configured to collect these pictures automatically. Occasionally, I also download graphics from the Internet.

Most often I edit or crop these pictures using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. When assembling multiple pictures into a collage, my approach is to simply paste them into a Microsoft PowerPoint slide where they can be sized, arranged and grouped into one graphic. Finally, I will save each picture as a compressed JPG or PNG file. After these are inserted into an article, Live Writer uploads them to my web site automatically.

It is a simple process that works well.

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