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My Electronics Workbench All Set Up

my electronics workbench

Here’s my electronics workbench. What does yours look like? Let me know and I will share the information around.

Six years ago, my electronics workbench did not exist. Whenever I built something, I would pull stuff out of boxes and invade the kitchen table for a while. I had no test equipment other than a power supply and multimeter.

Today, my electronics workbench fills an entire basement bedroom and includes shelves of parts and components (not shown) all sorted and labelled. I have come a long way in creating a creative space for electronics, microcontroller, software and 3D printing projects.

My electronics workbench is basically a huge melamine sheet sitting atop an old dining room table (right). My test equipment includes an oscilloscope, signal generator and bench meter. Tools include my trusty old Heathkit power supply, soldering and hot air stations. When needed, I have lots of room for my NanoVNA, TinySA and digital microscope for SMD work.

Extra illumination comes from a side mounted magnifying desk lamp. My workbench computer sits under the table, providing easy reach for USB connections to Arduino and NodeMCU, as well as software for the test equipment.

Shown below is my dual monitor computer workstation where I write code for projects, as well as prepare models for 3D printing on the nearby Prusa i3. All of my components and less frequently used tools are on shelves in the bedroom closet or an adjacent chest of drawers.

My Electronics Workbench Took Time to Assemble

Six years later, I have pretty much everything I need for project build and assembly. It’s nice to have all the things you need without constantly running out to the store.

How about you? What does your workbench look like, what did you learn along the way? What might your dreams be for the future?

By the way, lots of my gear is used (computer, monitors, oscilloscope) or cheap from China. You can actually assemble a pretty nice workbench at fairly low cost, and good enough for hobby projects.

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