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Using WordPress Seven Years In

using wordpress

For just over seven years, I have been using WordPress to manage this web site. It’s a great content management system.

I launched Making It Up in August 2015. I really had no idea where it would go, but decided to give it a try. It has turned into seven years and well over 900 articles published.

Needing a creative outlet, I got excited when a friend told me about WordPress and how easy it was to use. Pretty much every Internet Service Provider (ISP) lets you launch a WordPress web site with the click of a button. Amazingly, WordPress now accounts for around 25% of all web sites. And, it’s free.

Several things make using WordPress easy. Mainly, it’s the complete ecosystem for design (themes), functionality (plug-ins) and content creation (editor). Your editor is simply any browser. You can design your content for desktop computers, tablets or smart phones, simply by choosing a theme which adapts your presentation for the user device.

Every article, or post, is stored in an SQL data base on your web site. This completely separates content from presentation, just like a good publishing system should.

If you would like to build a web site to publish articles about your activities and interest, give WordPress a try. All you need is your own web site and some creative juices. And, if you don’t want to own a web site, you can use WordPress.com as a shared service.

Using WordPress Provides Hobby Synergy

I just love the synergy between my electronics projects and WordPress publishing. It’s a great way to document all your projects and interests, and get feedback from readers, many of whom become friends.

I spend maybe three hours a week actually writing articles. But behind this lies a few days a week working on projects or researching ideas. So, I spend around 20% of my retirement on Making It Up projects and articles. A good way to pass the time over the past seven years.

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