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Translation Tool – Reading Swedish Radio Magazines

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Using free translation tool, you can now read foreign radio magazines in your native language. I translated the Swedish radio experimenters magazine Resonans. 

A recent article on SWLing Post caught my attention. It seems the ham radio club in Sweden have made older issues of their magazines available online for free. My interest immediately focused on Resonans, their quarterly experimenters publication. I guess this is the Swedish equivalent of QEX. Sure enough, the archive lets you download Resonans issues between 2009-2016.

Looks interesting. But, of course, written in Swedish. I don’t understand Swedish! So, what to do?

Many online and other translation tools are available. Most common is Google Translate. I could paste paragraphs of text into the translation tool. It automatically detects Swedish and gives me the English translation instantly. I tried to upload the entire magazine but the Google translation tool told me it was too large.

Quickly, I was able to find a free (advertising supported) Online Document Translator. One minute later, I had uploaded a 52 page magazine, and downloaded the English translation in a second PDF. You can see the results above. Original on the left, translation on the right. While the choice of fonts left something to be desired, the translation tool kept the original page formatting including pictures and diagrams.

Somehow, this tool sends one page at a time from a PDF to Google Translate, and then stitches all the pages back together into a final product.

Translation Tool Opens a World of Ideas

My translated 2016 Resonans PDF had some excellent articles about receiving loops, software defined radio and RF interference. Well written stuff that I could never have read without an online translation tool.

I often use my Chrome browser to translate web pages, but this is the first time I used a translation tool with an entire magazine.

Resonans is copyright Society Experimentation Swedish Radio Amateurs, ESR.

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