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Reading Newspapers Online – No More Print

reading newspapers online

Recently, we dropped our newspaper print edition subscription and moved to reading newspapers online. And, along the way, saved $25 a month. 

My wife and I have enjoyed home newspaper delivery for 43 years. Used to be seven days a week, now down to six and frequently five. Get up, open the front door, and there it is. Everything is normal.

But back on March 15th, we got a notice from the Calgary Herald that it was increasing its monthly home delivery price to $37. I did some research and found that I could read the full paper online for $10 a month. Hmm…

While my wife had a morning routine of reading the hard copy print edition in the kitchen, my routine had shifted to using the online version more than ten years ago. The Herald includes online as part of the print edition price.

I started socializing the idea of dropping the print edition and saving more than $25 monthly. My biggest challenge to reaching agreement in our household was the advertising flyers. After all, you need these to plan your shopping trips, right?

Turns out that in Calgary, however, PostMedia (Calgary Herald’s publisher) will deliver all the flyers to your home on Wednesday at no charge. So, goodbye print edition.

Reading Newspapers Online – Other Options

For years, I have included New York Times and Washington Post in reading newspapers online. While they limit casual users to five articles a month, we had a workaround. With private or incognito browsing, the counter of free articles gets reset to zero because the paper can’t persist cookies in incognito mode.

Unfortunately, for the past few months, these publications figured out how to prevent you from incognito browsing through some “features” in the Chrome API. Google says it will remove this capability with its Version 76 in July. So, we will see what happens.

Another option for reading newspapers online for free is through your local library e-services. While some of the more popular newspapers and magazines are not available through your library, many are. Give it a try.

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