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Pandemic News Sources – Making Choices

pandemic news sources

Governor Cuomo and Dr. Deena Hinshaw have become my go-to pandemic news sources, with help from CNN. Other political leaders or media, not so much.

We are all watching a lot of television these days. For me, it’s about 25% information and 75% entertainment.  I am trying to limit the amount of time spent worrying about COVID-19, so that means choosing the best pandemic news sources.

My main morning go-to viewing is Governor Andrew Cuomo. He does a daily briefing from New York, which lasts about 45 minutes including Q&A. You can catch these on You Tube or CNN.

So, why Cuomo? Simply put, these briefings are the best pandemic news sources. They quickly became the benchmark that others have sought to mirror. Great source of information and inspiration. Plus, NY is likely the bellwether of bad and hopefully soon, good news. I really find refreshing that Cuomo and his team actually answer questions. Simply and clearly. Based on facts. No deflection or obfuscation. Thank you.

The Whitehouse continues its pathetic run in pretty much every respect. Hard to believe, but it’s actually gotten worse in the past few days. Dr. Anthony Fauci (lower right above) is the only useful part of the Washington briefings.

Here in Canada, we get our daily morning briefing from our self-isolating PM Justin Trudeau. He manages to stretch two minutes of information into 45 minutes of soft-spoken platitudes. And he never actually answers a question, in either of our official languages.

Pandemic News Sources – Alberta Perspective

Here in Alberta, we are blessed to have Dr. Deena Hinshaw as our Chief Medical Officer of Health, lower left above. All of us seem to agree about her excellence, including politicians of both parties. Very quickly, she set a standard in her mid-afternoon briefings for open and accurate information and the best advice. She is so good that even our politicians have stepped back, only showing up for important announcements. Well done.

You can see her briefings on the Alberta government web site.

CNN has done a pretty good job among the pandemic news sources. Hats off in particular to Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Good information and reassurance, very practical.


  1. David Jablonski says:

    Excellent info based in reality. I think you should do a feature on how pathetic the Trump admin has been over the last 6 weeks.

  2. Dave says:

    I totally agree! Our orange, classless dictator is a big buffoon; unfortunately I can’t laugh at him due to the damage he’s done to my country.

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