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Merry Christmas – Friends Make A Difference

friends make a difference

Merry Christmas. Friends make a difference. So, here’s a special salute to a few of mine.

We all know that friends make a difference in our lives and, in my case, hobbies. I thought I would take a few minutes to thank a few, and tell you about them.

Top left above is Gordon Hungerford, VE6TI. Over the past decade, Gord and I have had many conversations about many, many topics. Sure, ham radio, but also physics, philosophy and politics. Pre-pandemic would go to Tim Horton’s for coffee. For many years, Gord was an antenna and tower guy, but recently I have often sought his help with woodworking. A source of many tools to borrow!

Gord helped me out with a superb table for my first CNC, and a dust box for my second. But mainly, its the conversations and friendship that continues to make a difference in my life.

Top center is Jim Leslie, VE6JF. He’s the reason I could not get my initials for a call sign! Jim is a more recent friend and, especially, mentor. He is a consummate electronics builder and has more test equipment than I would have believed possible. We are able to make PCB circuits in KiCAD, and simulate electronics performance in LTSpice only because of his advice and support.

We share an interest in CNC milling. Jim also gave me the encouragement to use those tiny surface mount devices, as well. One day soon, I hope to have some articles about Jim’s latest homebrew receiver.

Friends Make a Difference – Meet some of mine

Rupert James of Regina, top right, is my former Ernst & Young partner. We have gone on cruises together. He gives me an opportunity to be a mentor. I have created a monster who builds many Arduino and 3D printer projects for his model railways.

Walt Novinger of Arizona (bottom left) shares my interests in radio listening, microcontrollers and 3D printing. We used to work together at SHL Systemhouse, where I met him in 1997. Vince De’on, VE6LK (bottom right) is another former SHL colleague who lives nearby. Vince introduced me to many interesting experimenters on the Cycle25 Hub and also Ham Radio Workbench.

Just this year I met Peter Risdahl, VE6KK (bottom center) who helped me with my Flying Saucer Resonator antenna and Analog Noise Reducer Shootout. Also, thanks to Mike Lanoway, VE6FX (no picture) for his ongoing feedback and supportive remarks.


  1. Mike Lanoway says:

    Hi John,

    Great article and I reflected on your “ham” friend community and its interesting mix. We have the mentors, the specialists, the never say “no”, and the I am good for a coffee just call me.COVID has strained us all and I am looking forward to renewing the face to face times with these old friends as the trail is getting shorter ha-ha.

    Thanks for your hard work on these posts, something to look forward to these days.

    All the Best for a safe, happy, and healthy 2022.


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