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Collecting Stuff – A Hobby for Everyone

collecting stuff

Collecting stuff is lots of fun. Recently, I noticed that my fireplace was being overrun by my wife’s Santa collection. 

This Christmas, I found myself counting Santa’s. Over the years, my wife has quietly been adding to her Santa collection. And every December they take more and more space on our hearth. In fact, we are running out of space!

It all started with a gift from a friend, then adding another from the “after Christmas” sales. A few more showed up Friday. More gifts, more memories, more Santas. While I am sure there are probably a few folks with a house full of these things, Hilda’s collection is pretty impressive.

Collecting stuff, of course, is one of the great hobbies worldwide. Like many at the time, my mom and dad collected stamps and coins, particularly from the various countries they lived in and visited over the years. My first effort was a butterfly collection. I was pretty good at running across the fields with a net, but needed help with the killing and mounting part.

On the other hand, I wish that I had kept more of my comic books and sports cards. A friend of mine makes a bit of money trading in such things.

Collecting Stuff – A Historical Hobby

Humans have been collecting stuff for five thousand years. The earliest collectors were probably monarchs – they had time on their hands between wars and the loot to invest. In modern times, the Internet provides you with easy ways to participate in communities of collectors. And I guess e-bay makes buying and selling global.

Some collections have monetary value, others are purely based on personal interests other than money. Ham radio operators often collect old radio equipment, usually from the days of glowing tubes. The joy is fixing them up and, often, owning radio gear that was well out of reach when we were young.

There is probably a fine line between collecting and hoarding. Stay on the right side of this line.

In the meantime, bring on the Santas!

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