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Christmas Error – Guilty of Distracted Wrapping

christmas error

I got distracted this week and created a Christmas error when I destroyed my iPod ear buds. Need to pay more attention to what I am doing. 

As with many of you, I spend a lot of time with a personal electronic device. For me, it’s not my smart phone. Instead, my iPod is a constant companion. Not music, but audio books.

It all started with a Zune MP3 player around ten years ago. I wanted to read more fiction. The Zune provided the opportunity to get into the emerging world of audio books at the time. When the Zune was discontinued, I migrated to Apple iPod. My criteria was something that fit into a shirt pocket and also plugged into my car. At first, I was forced to use small low-power FM transmitters to relay the audio from my Zune or iPod to the car stereo. Later, USB connectivity took over.

My aging 2009 Acura TL is not exactly the peak of connectivity. But, I can control the iPod menu and select listening choices from the car controls. Now that iPod is going away, I will probably need to let my phone take over audio book duties soon.

So, what does this all have to do with Christmas Error? Well, here’s the story.

On Christmas Eve I was doing some last minute gift wrapping. My iPod was plugged into my ears, and I was listening to Conflict, book four in science fiction series Rise of Mankind by John Walker. All of a sudden, there was silence. What happened?

As I cut the wrapping paper with scissors, I also cut through my dangling headphone cord. Sigh and expletive. This is probably a good argument for shifting to Bluetooth.

Christmas Error – Learning My Lesson

I think my major takeaway from my Christmas error is to reduce distraction. Earbuds attenuate sound from your environment. Never use them while driving. Even on my daily walks around the neighborhood, my iPod has prevented me from hearing an approaching bicycle on our walking paths and sidewalks.

And I know around the house, Hilda tires of having to repeat herself when I pull my earbuds out and say “pardon?”

Replacing your favorite ear buds is a challenge. There is a great variation in quality that has nothing to do with price and little relationship to brand names. And, most stores won’t let you return lousy ear buds after you have opened the package. Currently, my ear buds of choice are the Panasonic Ergofit HJE120. I was lucky to find some on sale this week at London Drugs and bought a couple just in case I get distracted again!

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