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Andrew Cuomo Daily Briefings Remembered

andrew cuomo daily briefings

During dark times, my life has been enriched by Andrew Cuomo Daily Briefings. I am glad New York’s pandemic crisis has passed, at least for now.

All things come to an end. In the case of COVID-19, rightly so. Please let it be over.

For the past 100 days, my treasured source of information about the pandemic has been New York Governor Andrew Cuomo daily briefings. With the situation now under control in New York, Cuomo discontinued these daily briefings last Friday.

For the past 100 days, my habit was simple. While I ate lunch, I would screen cast a replay of the Andrew Cuomo Daily Briefings from YouTube to my television in the family room. In our time of uncertainty, he provided transparency and trust. Information and inspiration. Heartbreak and humor. Pick your own description.

In this age of dysfunction, I found it reassuring to watch good government in action. Cuomo does leadership, communication and change management really well. So do his staff. Although sometimes a bit pedantic, these briefings appealed to millions of viewers around the world. Few people have used humor and PowerPoint to such good effect.

If you want to watch a few of these briefings, check out this site for recordings.

Andrew Cuomo Daily Briefings in FDR Footsteps

During his long tenure, Franklin Delano Roosevelt used radio broadcasts to inform and calm worried Americans. We remember these as the FDR Fireside Chats. Between 1933-1944, FDR used the new medium of radio to communicate directly with people over 30 evening broadcasts. Most of these were half an hour long and addressed depression and war situations.

I think both Cuomo and FDR faced times of crisis where people’s actions could make a difference. In both cases, I think you will agree they truly did. FDR was more of an orator, Cuomo a conversationalist. Both used rhetoric effectively.

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